Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Faculdade de Economia e Gestão (UCP), Portugal

UCP LogoThe Faculty of Economics and Management UCP is one of the units of UCP in Porto. Social innovation is present in the teaching, research and outreach activities of this Faculty, as well as in other units of UCP in Porto.

Examples of ongoing projects in this area are the following:

  • an undergraduate course in Social Economics,
  • a MSc programme in Social Economics and the Yunus Chair in Social Business endorsed by Muhammad Yunus;
  • Project SocialSpin to promote social entrepreneurship among students and alumni which includes a contest for distinguishing the best social business ideas, a workshop for training possible future social entrepreneurs (SocialSpin Camp) and an incubator for start-up social enterprises;
  • a platform of the organizations supporting the homeless people in the Porto Metropolitan Area making use of new information technologies and new modes of collective governance to promote cooperation and coordination in their activities which have been very fragmented so far.

More information: http://www.feg.porto.ucp.pt/en/home 

Project Info

Key Stats

  • Project Number: 290771
  • FP7 theme: New innovation processes including Social Innovation (collaborative project)
  • EU Contribution: EUR 2.5 mio. 
  • Project Start: 1 January 2012
  • Project End: 1 January 2015
  • Coordinator: Jeremy Millard, John Rene Keller  Lauritzen

Socio-economic sciences and humanities

Tepsie is part of this (SSH) theme whose overall objectives are :-

  • research activities in the field of socio-economic sciences and humanities; 
  • generating an in-depth, shared understanding of complex and interrelated socio-economic challenges Europe is confronted with in an enlarged EU;
  • the development of an improved knowledge base for policies in all fields concerned.

For more information visit the Europa website

Seventh Framework

FP7 research activities will strengthen Europe’s scientific and technology base and ensure its global leadership in ICT, help drive and stimulate product, service and process innovation and creativity through ICT use and ensure that ICT progress is rapidly transformed into benefits for Europe’s citizens, businesses, industry and governments. For more about FP7

Social Innovation

Read more about Social Innovation on Wikipedia


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