Knowing what works (Work Package 6)


The main objective of this work package is mapping existing evaluations of the different social innovation schemes and initiatives undertaken at European and international level from public and private bodies as well as the identification of most efficient and effective measures using a checklist of assessment criteria. The criteria to be used shall be based on specific evaluation standards that will be further looked upon. 

Description of work

There is a growing body of evidence from across the globe on successful structures and policy frameworks that nurture and support social innovation activity. Whilst there have been a number of publications documenting these approaches, little has been done to draw together their lessons for the European Union context.

Drawing on WPs 2-5, TEPSIE will seek to take stock of recent and current appraisals of social innovation schemes at European as well as international level. To do so, the project will activate a large team of analysts and also take advantage of existing related studies and collection exercises identified in other Work-Packages as well as relevant involvement of partners in national / local / regional initiatives that will further build on them.  Through this step, a systematic collection and presentation of results of appraisals of social innovation at European and international level will be delivered. It will result in a new tool for information and communication on appraisal activities (content, methods etc.), thereby filling a gap in the existing system of information and analysis on social innovation policy.

A key issue that will need to be taken into consideration at this phase is the fact that not all social innovation interventions are evaluated. The number of these social innovation interventions not being evaluated shall determine the methodologies to be followed by the project team (e.g. interviews procedure with founders / employees / presentees). Specific attention shall be paid for the identification of the reasons why an appraisal has not been performed (lack of resources, lack of consideration of such an activity, etc).

The outcomes of this WP shall be mapped and the result shall be a thorough database addressing all respective measures and actions taken at European and international level, building thus a more sophisticated and concrete infrastructure supporting social innovation policies and actions.

Tasks include: 

  • A synthesis of best methods for project and venture evaluation;
  • The identification and classification of assessment tools focused on assessing impacts;
  • Identification and exploration of linking to the Global Impact Investing Network;
  • Identification of Social Values and Revenues from Social Innovation Ventures through existing or new tools, such as the Social Return On Investment (SROI).