Dissemination of findings and recommendations (Work Package 9)


To ensure real time and effective dissemination of research results to all key stakeholder groups in social innovation from policy makers, researchers and intermediaries to active practitioners in the field. As the project sources input and data from stakeholders these same contributors will be included in the networks of dissemination. And as networks are researched these will sought activated as well for dissemination.

Description of work

This will be achieved in a number of ways including:

  • A web-based, interactive research hub, which includes a suite of online tools to support knowledge access and transfer.
  • Traditional media & research publications
  • Thematic workshops and conferences
  • Engagement and activation of existing & new networks

A key element and basis for dissemination will be the interactive online research hub. This will be set up as an online resource providing the latest information on European social innovation—a clearing house featuring interviews with prominent innovators, case studies of successful ventures, the latest research, and in-depth analysis from the leading thinkers in the field. The site includes a searchable repository database, creating a site where people can come to find out more and become involved in Social Innovation in Europe.

The TEPSIE programme will develop a research portal as part of this site. This online research hub will provide a platform on which citizens and stakeholders, and social innovation experts and practitioners can create and contribute themselves, either by responding to the material, contributing new papers, case studies and examples or by providing new solutions for tackling social problems. The working papers, interim findings, policy recommendations and detailed case studies will be published online as part of this new research hub.