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Three years of research into social innovation in Europe has been summarized in these three final reports (click to download): 

Doing Social Innovation:
A Guide for Practitioners 
Social Innovation Theory
and Research: A Guide for
Growing Social Innovation: A
Guide for Policy Makers

TEPSIE is a research collaboration between six European institutions aimed at understanding the theoretical, empirical and policy foundations for developing the field of social innovation in Europe. The project explores the barriers to innovation, as well as the structures and resources that are required to support social innovation at the European level. The aim is to identify what works in terms of measuring and scaling innovation, engaging citizens and using online networks to maximum effect in order to assist policy makers, researchers and practitioners working in the field of social innovation. 

The global field of social innovation is gathering momentum, and beginning to move from the margins to the mainstream. From micro-credit to mobile banking to new forms of education and eldercare, new methods and models are radically transforming the ways in which social and environmental challenges are being addressed. In Europe, much of this innovation is being driven by access to networked technologies and the current economic crisis which has made social innovation more important than ever - not only as a core component of economic strategies to build a smart, sustainable and inclusive Europe but also as a way of tackling Europe’s most pressing social needs.  

The growing importance of social innovation is reflected in the emergence of new institutions and networks, and growing interest among foundations, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Despite this surge of interest, social innovation is still an emerging field. There are significant gaps in our knowledge and understanding of social innovation and in comparison to innovation in other fields, very little empirical and theoretical research into social innovation has been carried out. TEPSIE aims to help fill this gap.  

The European Commission’s Innovation Union strategy clearly places innovation at the centre of the policy agenda for meeting social challenges affecting Europe and its Member States. However, at present the ability for Europe to coordinate and galvanise its undoubted potential across Member States is limited by the lack of systematic and sophisticated infrastructures of support available to other fields. To ensure that European policy is supported by high-quality research, TEPSIE has been funded through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Commission, under the topic "New innovation processes including Social Innovation”. The 3 year project started on the 1st January 2012 and ends on 1st January 2015. 

TEPSIE is a consortium of the following six partner organisations:



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The 11th and final newsletter of the TEPSIE project is now online. Read it here.

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