Project management and quality assurance (Work Package 10)


The objective of WP10 is to implement and coordinate a trusted management methodology to ensure the smooth and timely running of the project. WP10 will undertake necessary contractual, administrative and financial activities. It will ensure the management of knowledge and IPR, coordinate the preparation of project deliverables and reporting, and undertake quality assurance and risk mitigation activities.

Description of work

Emphasis in the project will be placed upon strong and at the same time flexible management, which incorporates significant quality assurance and risk mitigation activities as an on-going component over its 36 months duration. This will be necessary to ensure that the project is flexibly responsive to the evolving needs of all project participants, the European Commission and involved actors, whilst maintaining a strong sense of purpose that is essential to achieve project objectives. This calls for effective and rigorous management in order to ensure successful dovetailing, sequencing and timely task termination, and to cost-effectively orchestrate the project's many elements.

In addition to the need to coordinate the relatively large number of people participating in, or collaborating with, the project, it will need to interface with numerous other interests both inside and outside the European Commission. In a complex project like the one proposed here, it is important that project management and timing, are undertaken in a visible and effective manner so that overall goals are kept clearly in sight and each participant and area of work does not function in isolation. All participants will need to know what they should do, the standards and quality required and the deadlines for delivery.